Cyclops Studios helps artists manage mural projects in Bloomington, Indiana

Cyclops Studios owner, Adam Nahas, has been working with local Bloomington artists to provide opportunities for first time mural makers. He provides work space, art materials, equipment, and his time to help artists realize their ideas.

Adam works with artists and plots out their project using a grid and a projector. This helps them see how the wall painting will cover the various locations that he partners with.

Click on the link below and find the Artisan Alley murals that Cyclops Studios has participated in.

Limestone Post - Bloomington, Indiana
The Murals of Bloomington — Photos and Trail Map

The Murals of Bloomington — Photos and Trail Map – A public map to find all of the murals & wall paintings in Bloomington:

Cyclops Studios Sets Course With Janeway Collective on ‘Star Trek’ Public Art Installation in Bloomington, Indiana

Captain Janeway Collective - Bronze Bust Mockup

Sean Starowitz, assistant director of the arts for the City of Bloomington, recently referred Adam Nahas, owner of Cyclops Studios, to Peter Kaczmarczyk, a Hoosier of almost 30 years. Peter grew up watching reruns of the original in the 70s and fell back in love with the series after taking a Trek-themed cruise with his wife a couple of years ago. 

After speaking with Peter, Cyclops Studios determined that this was a project that would be a lot of fun and worthwhile for the Bloomington community. This project will add an attraction that will draw people from all over to come see it.

Initially, $20,000 was budgeted for hiring a single artist to work on the sculpture. While we will still be including the work from this artist, Cyclops Studios suggested partitioning the various steps amongst local professionals to get the most competitive pricing.

Adam has refined the original sculpture design and suggested improvements along the way. He has consulted with the Janeway Collective and is on track to have the sculpture installed and commemorated on May 20th, 2020 in Bloomington, Indiana right along the B-Line trail.

For more information about this project, please visit:

About the Captain Janeway Collective

The Captain Janeway Bloomington Collective is raising money to install a celebratory memorial to the Star Trek: Voyager character, and her connection to Bloomington, IN, her future birthplace.

BIG Talk on WFHB

WFHB Big Talk
Thursday, May 14, 2019

After Adam Nahas and his art school friends graduated from Indiana University they found themselves without the school’s physical resources and human network. So he and a few other artists started up a shared work space — akin to a clubhouse — for creative types here in Bloomington. Their seminal locus has evolved into a support and education resource, social center, tool repository, and all-around one-stop shop for our town’s artists and those who aspire to become one. It’s called Artisan Alley; it now has three locations and offers classes, computer labs, studio space, galleries and much more.

3-D Stone – Ox Skull Project

3-D Stone, an Indiana based custom Limestone manufacturer, commissioned cyclops Studios to create a plasticine sculpture that will be scanned and carved on a CNC router, for a private installation in Texas.