About The Founder

Adam Nahas, Sole Proprietor of Cyclops Studios LLC, and Founder/Executive Director of 501(c)3 charity, Artisan Alley LTD, has been involved in art since childhood.

An avid sketch artist throughout his school years, and voted “Most Artistic” in a large high school class, Nahas continued his interest in art through music, performance art and then finally sculpture.

Adam Nahas Working On A Wax Cast of a Torso
Adam Nahas, carving on a wax bust

He graduated from Indiana University in 2007 where he majored in Studio Art with concentrations in Metals and Sculpture and minored in Art History and Mathematics.

He went on, to work with foundryman and artist, Mark Parmenter, who exposed Nahas to multiple international artists and art projects of ALL kinds. Nahas then set up his own studio in Bloomington, Indiana, called Cyclops Studios.

Since the inception of Cyclops Studios, he has been commissioned to do hundreds of varying art projects, and he has created an ever evolving local art collective, called Artisan Alley. Adam’s creations represent a vast and unique repertoire of his personal interests. Not limiting himself, he pursues a variety of subject matter, mediums, and art forms. His knowledge of anatomy and his attention to detail, have allowed him to create a range of structures from Robotic prosthetics to monumental sculptures.

Nahas’ work ranges from 2D work including unique portraits, graphic design, prints, sketchings, comic illustrations fantasies to 3D work including kinetic sculpture, Fired Earthenware, bronze memorial/monuments, robotic prototypes, and other various mediums.

“My goal for modeling is to breathe life into clay and bronze. For me, a portrait is more than a likeness; it should capture the spirit and essence of the character. I am confident that I have the means to shape different mediums around me, and by doing so, I can turn anything into visually beautiful artwork or something that serves a good purpose. I do what I do because it feels natural and right for me.”

-Adam Nahas

For a list of all of Adam’s personal work feel free to visit his artist’s page AdamNahas.com